The Spotted Olive - Photo Requirements

The quality of the final product personalized with your photo depends upon the quality of your photo submission. It is important to submit high quality, clear photos that have not been resized or cropped with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch at the final output size for the best printing results. Accepted file types include JPG, PNG or TIFF. 
The maximum file size that we can accept is 10MB. 

Size: A recommended minimum of 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 pixels per inch for a 5" x 7" card
Format: JPG, PNG or TIFF with a maximum file size of 10MB

Please note: If we receive your photo and it does not meet our minimum requirements, we will let you know as it can cause grainy or pixelated photo cards and will request a different photograph that meets our specifications. If you still wish to proceed with printing your order with an image that has not met our file requirements, The Spotted Olive will not be responsible for poor print quality and will not offer a refund if you are unhappy with the final product. 

Additionally, please be aware that it may be necessary for us to crop or adjust your photo to fit within the design.

You can find out the dimensions of the photo you want to submit by doing the following: 

If You Use A Mac:

Open or copy your photo to your desktop
Right click on the image and select Get Info
The photo dimensions are in the dialog box that pops up

If You Use A PC:

Open or copy your photo to your desktop
Right click on the image and select Properties or Info
The photo dimensions are in the photo Details tab

Please be sure that you are the photographer of or have full rights to and permission to use any photos you submit for use in personalization.