5 Quick Tips For Hosting A Zoom Party

5 Quick Tips For Hosting A Zoom Party

During this time of social distancing and self-quarantine, missing friends and loved ones can get difficult. But in today’s world of technology, being apart doesn’t mean we can’t be connected and still have fun together! Enter the Zoom party...

Zoom is a business video conferencing service, but many people are giving it a fun new twist during this time of COVID-19 by using it to host virtual Zoom parties with family and friends.

I’ve put together 5 quick tips on hosting a Zoom party.

1. Sign up for Zoom’s free Basic account. You can have endless 40 minute parties for up to 100 people! 

2. If you don’t want unknown party crashers to show up at your Zoom party, be sure to set it to private. You can also turn off Zoom’s screen-sharing default. Remember everyone you or someone else gives your Zoom party link to can join so don’t be afraid to ask your guests to keep the link to themselves.

3. Pick a theme! You can ask your guests to dress up or wear costumes. Have a cooking party. Host a cocktail party. Have a dance party. Host a virtual dinner party. The ideas are endless. Make it an event and just have fun.

4. Change your background using Zoom’s virtual background feature. Users can change out their real background with an image or video. This can be really amusing and perfect for themed parties. 

5. Send a fun text message about your Zoom party with our free Text Message e-Card. Just click the image below. Download it to your phone and send in a text message. Include the date, time & link to your Zoom party (done via text in addition to the e-Card graphic).

Wanna Zoom Zoom Party Text Message e-Card by The Spotted Olive

Have fun! And if you download the free Text Message e-Card and share it on social media, you can tag us with #thespottedolive or @thespottedolive. I’d love to see it in use.


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