Peace for Ukraine Flowers Printable Art-Donation of Proceeds

Peace for Ukraine Flowers Printable Art-Donation of Proceeds

The unjustified invasion of Ukraine is absolutely devastating. I have been so heartbroken for the people of Ukraine as they have been thrown into an unprovoked war. And while their resolve and bravery is so incredibly admirable and humbling, I feel so much fear for their safety and way of life.

I saw a photo from UKRAINE.UA on Instagram of a female soldier with blue and yellow flowers in hear hair representing her country’s colors and was inspired to create an illustration.

This illustration of a blue and a yellow flower surrounded by the words No More War • Peace For Ukraine on a khaki camouflage background is available of as an 8" x 10" Printable Art Download.

For each purchase of this printable art download, I will donate as follows:

$7.00 will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to help with the crisis in Ukraine.

$1.00 will be donated to One Tree Planted to plant a tree.

The remaining amount of $1.99 after the $8.00 in donations covers administration and fees for Credit Card and PayPal payments.


Illustration of Blue & Yellow Flowers on khaki camouflage background art print


I stand with Ukaraine and hope you will too. #StandWithUkraine


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