Filthy-Mouthed Voter Merchandise

Filthy-mouthed voter t-shirt by The Spotted Olive

The IMpotus once called Chrissy Teigen a "filthy mouthed wife" on Twitter. Sadly, it‘s not the first, or even the fiftieth, time he‘s used disparaging language toward a woman. And it most definitely won’t be the last. Voting is critical to our democracy. We desperately need change.

Today I decided to use the voice from my filthy mouth to get active. So I‘m doing what I do... design. I am proud to announce that this face mask design is now available on Bonfire with 100% of the proceeds donated to When We All Vote (@whenweallvote on instagram)! Get your voting plan together, make sure you are registered to vote, spread the word and vote early if you are able to.

Filthy Mouthed Voter Face Mask design by The Spotted Olive with proceeds to benefit When We All VoteYou can also shop for t-shirts, coffee mugs and totes in this design.

If you decide to vote in person, please be safe. Wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene and keep your distance from others!


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