Help Save the USPS!

Help Save the USPS by The Spotted Olive

The USPS is an ESSENTIAL public service that is being undermined (yet again). People and small businesses in this country absolutely rely on the post office. As a small business owner and person who loves to send snail mail, I go to the post office on a regular basis. It is a necessity for me and my business. ⁠

💌 Did you know that the USPS employs over 600,000 people? Almost 100,000 of those employees are veterans, disabled veterans and members of the military. ⁠

💌 The USPS is also one of the nation’s leading employers of minorities and women, with minorities compromising 39% of the workforce.⁠

💌 The USPS receives ZERO tax dollars.⁠

💌 Small businesses, as well as the elderly, people with disabilities and those in rural areas, depend on the USPS.⁠
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💌 Buy from small businesses.⁠

💌 When you order items online, choose USPS as your shipping option when available.⁠

💌 Text USPS to 50409. The Resistbot will send an automated email to your reps in Congress.⁠

💌 Sign the petition at

💌 VOTE!!!⁠
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